Predicting technical change in three variables

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A great mind in public policy told me, just this last September, that people are really bad at judging the rate of technological change and when it’ll affect them. It’s like standing on a railway. You can see the train out there. Some people assume that the train is going to hit them very soon. […]

How to think about Content Scoring and Audience Scoring

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A score serves as an ultimate abstraction or summary. That’s especially true in sport. “Who won?” “The Blue Jays. 11 to 5.” The Blue Jays won because they moved men more often across one specific plate more often than the other team. This is all very American. A brief period of action. Collect statistics about […]

How to predict how many visits a website will receive on a given day

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Predictive analytics is somewhat mysterious. So, let’s shed some light on it. (Note that I’m simplifying this quite a bit to be accessible.) The first step in predictive analytics is to understand what you’re predicting. We’ll call this the Y variable. In this instance, ‘how many visits from Boston can I expect on a given […]