Decision Automation, Strategy Formation, and the Generation of New Decision Pathways

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An orthodox Software as a Service (SaaS) business is, in part, math that an organization tries its best to manage. Think about all the math that goes into the construction of a typical SaaS firm. At the core there’s some customer with a job: a goal against which the customer wants to make progress. They […]

Judgement, Gut and Convenient Reasoning

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In this post, I will unpack the concept of Convenient Reasoning and link it to managerial judgement and the spirited defense of Gut. I really haven’t challenged these assumptions in a few months, so, if you dislike what you read, give me a shout. I’ll spend too much time over the next 45 days repeating […]

Usability, Numeracy and Empowerment in Analytics Product Development

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There are three important, reinforcing concepts in analytics product development. These are usability, numeracy, and empowerment. Usability is an important goal to pursue in analytics product development, but is no antidote for poor numeracy and empowerment. Usability is particularly important for analytics product development. Good usability enables the non-specialist, the data civilian, or the casual business […]

What you need to know about automated statistical analysis

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Here’s what you need to know about automated statistical analysis: 1. Automated statistical analysis is not a substitute for good judgement Statistical tests are tools. They help us understand why nature is the way that it is. Nature resists being known about. But, she is knowable. Statistical tests themselves are part of nature. The tests […]

A big week for analytics in Toronto

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It’s a big week for analytics in Toronto. There’s a growing industry of digital intelligence / analytics, professionals in southern Ontario. It’s a brilliant and welcoming industry. This is the week when we get together, share knowledge, and welcome newcomers. The eMetrics Summit, the conference of the Digital Analytics Association (use the promo code BERSPK […]

McKinsey and the Big Data Analytics Revolution

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This piece from McKinsey highlighted the inflated expectations of big data analytics – “…expectations of senior management are a real issue…but too often senior leaders’ hopes for benefits are divorced from the realities of frontline application. That leaves them ill prepared for the challenges that inevitably arise and quickly breed skepticism.” The listicle (et tu, […]

The Choices Circa Made

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The Circa app (As of January 2014) is notable for the choices the designers made. And the choices they made. The color palette is consistent. The leading is consistent and generous. Upcoming information is faded and effectively previews content. The  app can be used with gestures from one thumb, making it great for one thumb […]

Eulogies trickle in for Facebook

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“The End of Facebook” trumpeted the headline. 46 points in 46 minutes on Hacker News. “Facebook Screws Social Media Marketers!” trumpets Business Insider. “Facebook is losing teens” states Global Web Index. Here we go with the bandwagon. Hop on! Only that this time isn’t going to be quite like the last time(s). Teens have fled […]