Morphing the Lean Startup

That title, ‘morphing the lean startup’, may be technical jargon. But it is literal. And brief. I have a few thoughts to share about them both. Morphing There’s a very small sliver of research in the Marketing Science on morphing. Two papers, … Continued

Monetizing Masses

Reddit had a bruising week. If you’re out of the loop, you can read about it here. It highlights the untapped opportunities in how our collective experiences are managed and lists of recommended reading/viewing are assembled. Large areas of opportunity … Continued


Nash died this week, sadly, in a traffic collision. That’s isn’t how I’m going to remember him. My first introduction to Nash was from a book I found in a used book store titled “Game Theory and Canadian Politics”. There … Continued

Communication overhead (II)

Previously, I wrote about communication overhead in tech and the two cultures around it. Broadly, I perceive two broad camps: there are the shippers and there are the talkers. Shippers ship. Talkers talk, then ship. In this post I’ll describe three … Continued

Communication overhead

Ask some what’s the key factor for success and they’ll say team. Ask others what’s the key factor for success and they’ll say code. In many circumstances, many problems can be solved by shipping code. Revenue down? Ship! Morale down? … Continued

Storytelling versus Bullet Points

There’s a tension between two modes of communication – comms by storytelling and comms by bullet point. They each have pros and cons. In this post, I’ll summarize the differences. There is no verdict. The bullet point Some speak in … Continued