Simulation and Data Exploration

Let’s take a look at what 16-bit interfaces could do. A great simulation game begins with just a handful degrees of freedom and explodes from there. Behold the grandeur that is SimCity for the Super Nintendo. If you’re familiar with … Continued

Discovering truths in data

Discovering truth in data always begins with you, and your judgement. Assume that you have some idea about the world. Something that you believe is true, and you want to discover if you’re right. Here’s how I draw out that … Continued

A big week for analytics in Toronto

It’s a big week for analytics in Toronto. There’s a growing industry of digital intelligence / analytics, professionals in southern Ontario. It’s a brilliant and welcoming industry. This is the week when we get together, share knowledge, and welcome newcomers. … Continued

How to explain technical debt

Technical debt builds up in software over time. It is the summation of all the liabilities built into the technology over time. It impedes the ease of adding new features and increases the cost of keeping the product functioning. For … Continued

The Choices Circa Made

The Circa app (As of January 2014) is notable for the choices the designers made. And the choices they made. The color palette is consistent. The leading is consistent and generous. Upcoming information is faded and effectively previews content. The  … Continued